VRM - Vice Resource Management has 133,000+ sales leads for the cannabis, marijuana and booze markets built on sales lead management platform that allows for "No-Click" note taking.


No Click note taking?



One month to try for free. Copy the leads if you must, but hopefully you will get addicted to VaRoom! and agree to pay $100 per user per month. And be so happy about it!

Built on Oracle Application Express our VaRoom! VRM Vice Resource Management features scalability and creative security levels.

Ask about a private server as the BETA server is ... used by more than one. (P.S. you probably already guessed! But I will point out that VaRoom! can be used with any lead data set. Got a list of churches? We can add them to your private VRM server. Anybody? humor? Opposite sides of vice but same customer?)

Want to be a BETA Tester? Email

The Daily Network LLC
1-310-541-0015 .

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